Do You Have a Backup Plan?

Computers mirror life in certain ways. Just as your files on computers or laptops, our plans should also have a back up.

Our back-up plan lends us a hand in times of dire need. It provides us an alternative or another way out in case our previous plan failed. In addition, a back-up plan helps us manage our stress levels and gets us back on our feet especially when the universe seems to be against us and our plans.

After hitting puberty, we’ve come to realized that life can be unfair; it does not give us what we always hoped for. As we move along with our life, we clearly did not see bad things coming: losing our job, getting into an accident, or being diagnosed with something, among other things. When these happen, we should all be ready! Here’s how you do it:

1. Our career path

There will come a time when the economy’s not doing great. As a result, there may be massive layoffs or retrenches. There are people that after losing their job, they don’t know what they are going to do next. We should find things we’re interested in doing at in case we haven’t landed our dream job yet.

2. Our finances

Who wouldn’t want to spend their afternoon at the spa or go to the casino and let loose a little? Since rest and leisure is somehow an important aspect in our life, maybe we can spend it at home instead with our kids and dogs. Not only it is cost-efficient, our relationship with our loved ones will also be strengthened. We can also take advantage of bookies free bets, discount coupons at the spa or shaved off token prices.

It is also important that we have savings that can last at least for two months. You’ll never know when you’re going to lose your job or get sick or what. Having a retirement plan is also a must. When you are over 30, you should have at least a savings account or ROTH IRA by now.

3. Our personal records

We need to back up our files either through the cloud or external hard drives. In the event that there’s a fire, a natural disaster or our laptops just won’t work, we still have important data saved someplace else.

You can also opt having a safety deposit box where family heirlooms, important documents or prized personal belongings can be kept. Not only these are insured, but they are also in safe hands.

Having a back-up plan may not be easy as some think it would be. You can always ask someone to help and guide you plan your other plans. What’s important is that we have a back-up plan that can motivate us to keep going.